Murton Medical Group

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Community Transport

Alternative bus services

Information about ‘on demand’ community bus services in County Durham. These services are available when ordinary public transport isn’t an option because there’s no regular service or someone has problems using a regular bus.

Contact us to book any of these services on 03000 269 999.

Hospital patients and visitors

Hospital Bus Service – a pre-bookable bus service linking areas of the county to local hospitals is available for patients and visitors who have trouble getting there.

Disabled or mobility issues

Access Bus Service – provides people who have limited mobility with a door-to-door transport service to popular shopping and leisure destinations.

Rural / community

Link2 Bus is a pre-bookable bus service for people making journeys (up to five miles) where there is no other suitable bus, for example in rural areas where the bus service may be limited. Each bus is fully accessible for people with disabilities or mobility problems.