Murton Medical Group

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How our GP appointment system works

We understand that different patients want different things from our appointment system. Some people like to fit appointments in with their work or other commitments whilst others prefer to ring for a same day appointment. Many people have more routine matters to discuss whilst other people have potentially life threatening health issues needing prompt attention.

We try our best to meet these varying needs within the limitations of the number of GPs and appointments available. Like most GP surgeries, the demand for GP appointments here at Murton Medical Group is very high. Every month our GPs provide well over 3000 consultations for patients and demand continues to rise.  Therefore our receptionists will normally ask you a few questions to help you find the most appropriate point of care.

It is important that you inform the receptionist at your earliest convenience if you no longer require your appointment, this enables the appointment to become available to another patient.  During February 2019, 134 appointments for our GP’s, nurses and healthcare assistants were not attended or cancelled.  This wastes time and valuable appointments for patients who need them.  Patients who frequently fail to attend appointments maybe removed from the practice list.

Should you have any difficulties in making or cancelling appointments, please speak to Mrs Julie Metters, Reception Manager.

We have four types of appointments available

Booked in advance

Bookable up to 2 weeks ahead, these provide choice and flexibility as to when and by whom you are seen. If these appointments are filled on a particular day the receptionist will look for an acceptable alternative. Other appointments are released 2-5 working days ahead to make it easier for you to see your usual GP with a problem that is not urgent but you would like to be seen within a few days. A number of appointments are also available to book online.

Available on the day

Every day at 8.00am a limited number of appointments become available, enabling you to see our Advanced Nurse Practitioner or a doctor quickly if that is your need.  At such short notice there is much less flexibility over the time of the appointment and choice of clinician.

Urgent medical problems

If you have an urgent and serious problem but all the appointments for a particular day are filled, please tell the receptionist.  The telephone triage doctor (one of the GPs) will call you back to either give advice on the phone or arrange to see you as an urgent appointment at a specified time.  As such there is no flexibility over appointment time or choice of GP.  These appointments are specifically to address the urgent medical problem within an already full surgery.


Each day there are a number of telephone appointments  for when you need advice but not to be seen in person. The receptionist will ask for brief details to ensure this approach is the most appropriate for your needs. They will give you the time frame in which your call will be returned; you may leave a mobile number but please ensure your mobile phone is switched on.

Whatever your situation the receptionist can only offer you the appointments that are available. Appointments are always in great demand and the GPs have a finite number of hours in the day in which to meet the needs of our 7,650 patients.

Out of Hours

When We are Closed

If you have an urgent problem when the surgery is closed please ring 111, your call will be answered by the out-of-hours team.